Rwanda Safaris

Brief Description About Rwanda Safaris

The wildlife of Rwanda comprises of Flora and Fauna which is now mostly restricted to three National Parks and Four small forest reserves.

While in Rwanda Visit,

Ngungwe Forest National Park covered by Ngungwe rain forest located in south western Rwanda at the border with Burundi to the south and Lake Kisu and Democratic Republic of Congo to the west. It has a wide diversity of animal species like 13 primate species, 275 bird species, 85 mammal species, 32 amphibians and 38 reptile species and also 1068 plant species. The most particular animals of interest here are the Chimpanzees, Angola colobus, silver monkey, olive baboon, Golden monkey, Red tailed monkey among others.

Volcanoes National Park which lies in Northwestern Rwanda and borders Virunga National Park in Democratic Republic of Congo and Mgahinga National Park in Uganda. This Park is known as a haven for the rare and endangered mountain gorillas and golden monkeys. It is a home to five of eight volcanoes of Virunga Mountains (karisimbi, Bisoke, Muhabura, Gahinga, Babyinyo). The park was also the base for the zoologist Diane fosse.

The four small forest reserves include Gishwati forest Reserve, Mukura forest Reserve, Busanga forest reserve sand Buhanga forest.