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Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park

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The thunder of galloping hooves. The brown dust swirling about an endless body of antelope and zebra. That heart-wrenching moment when the first wildebeest steps into the Grumeti River not knowing what lurks beneath. If you’ve seen any wildlife documentary on the Great Migration, where more than a million wildebeest hotfoot it from Tanzania to Kenya, you’re likely to have chomped at your fingernails hoping a lion or crocodile doesn’t grab its lunch amongst the chaos of stomping hooves.

When you get to the Serengeti National Park, that scene is bloody, lively, and real – if you can catch it. It’s hard to predict when the 500-mile journey will actually begin. It can start anytime from May to July, depending on both the animals and the seasons. It won’t begin until the rains stop and the land is dry.

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