Brief Description of Turkey Holy Trip

This country is transcontinental in Eurasia mainly in Anatolia in western Asia with a smaller position on the Balkan Peninsula in south east Europe. It is encircled by the seas on the three sides with the Aegean Sea to the west, Black sea to the north and Mediterranean Sea to the south.


DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive at least 2 hours before the flight.



Day 1: To Tour Istanbul including St. Sophia’s

While in Turkey begin touring Istanbul including St. Sophia’s the master piece of Byzantine architecture, the Blue mosque and its magnificent interior with blue files.

Visit Topkapi palace to see the treasures of the sultans and the Hippodrome where the chariot races took place during the Roman Empire.


Day 2: Izmir and proceed on the ancient Smyrna where St. Polycarp

Transfer to Izmir and proceed on the ancient Smyrna where St. Polycarp, a disciple of St. John met a martyr’s death at the age of 92 in155AD. Visit the church of Smyrna one of the famous seven churches of Asia minor and tour the highlights of this ancient city including the one-time European main square.

Continue to visit Sardis and Philadelphia. In Sardis visit the temple, the beautiful Byzantine church and the Roman era synagogue. Proceed to Philadelphia where you will visit the great Basilica with some 11th Century frescoes.


Day 3: Visit Ephesus which St. Paul called the “most beautiful city in all the world

Have a full day visit to Ephesus which St. Paul called the “most beautiful city in all the world”, the great library, the Amphitheatre where Paul addressed an angry pagan mob, the tower where St. Paul was imprisoned and wrote the letters to the Ephesians. It was here that Mary was declared the mother of Jesus and where the Virgin Mary spent her final years between 37 and 48AD WITH St. Paul.

You will also get to visit the house of the Virgin Mary spectacularly located above the ruins. It is believed St. John brought the Virgin Mary to Ephesus and that she spent the rest of her days in this house on the hill top.


Day 4: Visit Athens

While still in Turkey visit Athens with highlights of ancient Athens including the pnyx, Acropolis and Parthenon. Visit Ancient Corinth too and explore the market place and temple of Apollo and the museum.

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